Sunday, 19 May 2013

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Today is World Baking Day. I don't really understand why, or more importantly who decides, but to me it just sounds like another perfect excuse to get in the kitchen and make something delicious. Like this chocolate cake. When I think of a cake I generally think of something light and crumbly, perhaps sandwiched with buttercream and served with tea. This cake isn't like this at all, so perhaps the name is slightly misleading as it's more of a dessert, but anyway that's sort of irrelevant because whatever you want to call it, it tastes fantastic: rich and dark, with a slightly firmer outer edge giving way to luscious squidgyness at the centre. It's everything you want a chocolate pudding of this kind to be, and although it would be lovely served unadorned, adding a few strawberries and a little softly whipped cream, flecked with black vanilla seeds, can only improve it.  
 This recipe contains no flour or butter, and whilst no-one in my family has an intolerance to these ingredients I'm sure everyone knows someone who does, so it's also a brilliant recipe to have in your repertoire. The only changes I made to the recipe was to leave out the vanilla extract, and use extra virgin olive oil instead of normal olive oil - I was worried that this would make the cake taste 
 strongly of olives, but as it was all we had in the cupboard I used it anyway and it seemed to be fine. The ground almonds gave a sort of graininess to the texture, which I liked, but the recipe also explained how you can substitute the almonds for regular flour if you wanted to. The recipe can be found here


  1. It always frightens me using oil in cakes...but they always come out well! This looks great and I love your elegant photos

  2. This looks like a lovely dessert/cake and it's great to try something different. I bet it is really moist with the oil in.

    If you are interested you would be most welcome to enter your chocolate cake into our Calendar Cakes challenge which this month is in celebration of World Baking Day.


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